Manifest Your Soul’s Desires
Ilchi Lee leads a guided meditation featuring magnetic LifeParticles with a rare and powerful aquamarine crystal known as the “Soul of Mago.” The Soul of Mago contains pure, vibrant energy that resonates deeply with the restorative and uplifting energies of Mother Earth. It will help open your 4th and 5th chakra to find and express your soul’s voice. Experience powerful magnetic LifeParticles to clear stagnant energy and attract power to create what your soul really wants. 

Do you feel...
• Lonely even when you’re around people?
• Easily misunderstood and unable to express what you want?
• Blocked in manifesting your ideas into reality?
• Stuck in past memories and emotions that bother you and keep you from moving forward?
• Fogginess in your mind?
• A wanting for a purposeful, meaningful life with spiritual development?
Experience Powerful LifeParticles with
Aquamarine Crystal Energy

“Everything in the world is made up of energy. I call these fundamental building blocks of life, LifeParticles. We are all LifeParticles, and we are connected as one through LifeParticles.” - Ilchi Lee

Watch Ilchi Lee's Guided Meditation Preview
What are magnetic LifeParticles?

This Earth naturally contains a strong magnetic field. When the time comes, migratory birds return home and salmon swim upstream to spawn. They achieve this not by knowledge or with a map, but through an intuitive sense and connection with the Earth’s magnetic power itself.

We also have that sense. Magnetic LifeParticles are the energy that guide us to the direction of our soul.

Through this meditation, you will activate your inner magnetic LifeParticles and open your wisdom to access your true inner voice.

Magnetic LifeParticle power amplifies the more you use it, and you’ll become more creative as a proactive participant in your own life.

Magnetic LifeParticles lead you to becoming physically and mentally healthy as well as to completing your soul by living the life you want.
Ilchi Lee

Ilchi Lee is a New York Times bestselling author and founder of Change Your Energy, who has penned over 40 books on self-care through mind-body training and energy practice. He’s been sharing his research and discoveries over the last 40 years on attaining health, happiness, and peace.

He is an energy master who has helped thousands of people worldwide connect to and discover divine power within them. In addition to Change Your Energy, Lee created Brain Education, a study which focuses on the five steps toward realizing the full human potential of the brain and using it to establish health of body, mind, and spirit.

He currently works with the United Nations to promote mental health and energy healing for the youth.
About the “Soul of Mago” Aquamarine Crystal
Open the Gateway of Soul’s Expression and Completion

Aquamarine has been used since ancient times as a crystal that gives life vitality from the water and good luck to sailors.

It resonates with the vibration of the throat (5th) chakra to heal and open the
door of expression and completion of the soul.

The aquamarine crystal featured in this meditation video is unlike any in the world and is specifically named the
Soul of Mago—Mother of the Earth.

This aquamarine crystal vibrates to awaken your soul’s sense and its spiritual power will help you to connect divine intuition that resides in your brain. The crystal will also help you receive a message of infinite love from Mother Earth.

What You'll Receive

• Guided meditation directly from energy master, Ilchi Lee
• MP3 audio file download of the meditation to listen to whenever you want
• Strengthening and balancing your chakras, especially the throat (5th) chakra
• Clearing stagnant energies, emotions, and thoughts
• Releasing emotional baggage
• Developing communication that invites abundant, loving relationships
• Expressing your soul by connecting with Mago, Mother Earth
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